3 Scenario ideas for a Marketing and Advertising Reputational risk in a Brazil context.

"Carnival Crisis: Salvaging Santos & Moreno's Reputation"

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Option 1: 

“Carnival Crisis: Salvaging Santos & Moreno’s Reputation”


Santos & Moreno is an esteemed marketing and advertising agency based in São Paulo, Brazil. With a client base that includes prestigious multinational organisations, their innovative and impactful campaigns have brought them much success, but also significant scrutiny. This scenario begins when a seemingly innocent, yet culturally insensitive, advertisement for one of their leading European clients ignites a public outcry and widely spreads on social media platforms.

The advertisement involves a carnival scene set in Rio, unintentionally alienating Indigenous communities by featuring stereotypes and inadequate representation. Moreover, it fails to acknowledge the diversity and cultural aspects of Brazil, focusing only on the stereotypical elements. Adding insult to injury, the advertisement was launched on National Indigenous People’s Day, causing widespread condemnation from the public, media and advocacy groups.

The backlash is fierce, and Santos & Moreno faces potential client loss and a significant drop in its market value. The exercise begins at the point when the outcry has reached its peak, with board members, stakeholders, and employees looking to the Crisis Management Team for damage control. The play will be set over a period of one week, with the players working in real-time to devise and implement a strategy that will preserve the company’s reputation and restore public trust.

Aims and Objectives:

– To navigate this reputational crisis by responding appropriately to all critics while retaining the loyalty of existing clients and the public. The goal is to develop a crisis communication strategy that acknowledges the mistake, heals the cultural wound, and proactively demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and diversity.

– To implement internal revisions to ensure such a mistake is not repeated. This includes identifying the organisational blind spots that led to the insensitive advertisement, restructuring the checks and balances in place, and possibly initiating diversity and inclusivity training sessions.

– To develop a contingency plan for similar future crises by learning from this incident. This involves building resilience within the organisation and preparing it for potential reputational threats, thereby aligning the crisis response strategy with the company’s overall risk management approach.


Option 2: 

“MiroAscend: Crisis in Advertising”


Imagine you are at the helm of MiroAscend, a dynamic marketing and advertising agency nestled in the vibrant cityscape of Sao Paulo, Brazil. You’ve just launched a dynamic advertising campaign for a leading alcohol brand, Licores Pura Vida, aiming to tap into the younger demographic. Unfortunately, an as-yet-undiscovered flaw in your market research has led to the campaign inadvertently resonating with the under-age audience, resulting in an unforeseen influence on the underage drinking problem in Brazil.

Local news outlets have picked up on this trend, publishing stories linking your campaign to this increased underage drinking, leading to significant and growing reputational damage for MiroAscend. Complicating matters further, a video has gone viral on social media, showing a group of teenagers mimicking the ad while consuming alcohol. The public, government, regulators, and clients are demanding an immediate response.

You must navigate this precarious situation, restoring trust and repairing MiroAscend’s reputation whilst managing your relationships with the client, the public, and regulatory bodies. The clock is ticking, as every moment lost only intensifies the criticism and fallout for your agency.

Aims and Objectives

1. Devise an effective crisis communication strategy that addresses the concerns of all stakeholders, assures accountability, and conveys MiroAscend’s commitment to ethical advertising practices.

2. Identify and recommend actions to prevent similar errors in future campaigns, including enhancing oversight processes and research methods to ensure campaigns do not unintentionally target inappropriate demographics.

3. Develop a comprehensive reputation restoration plan, ensuring MiroAscend can regain public trust, and retain both clientele and staff confidence amidst ongoing negative publicity.


Option 3: 

“Cultural Crisis at Marvellous Musica: Navigating Reputational Storms in São Paulo”


At the heart of São Paulo, Brazil, operates “Explode Creativa”, a burgeoning marketing and advertising organisation, globally recognised for its innovative campaigns and local market expertise. In the midst of managing extensive promotional campaigns for a highly anticipated music festival, Marvellous Musica, Explode Creativa encounters an unexpected threat tarnishing its pristine reputation. Augusto Menezes, a well-known music journalist, publishes an article accusing Explode Creativa of culturally appropriating Brazilian indigenous music and art in their promotional materials. The controversy quickly erupts on social media platforms, instigating a backlash from the public and social influencers, jeopardising both the festival’s and Explode Creativa’s reputation. The indigenous communities are outraged, and the Brazilian Cultural Heritage Institute threatens legal action. With the festival only two weeks away, Explode Creativa must act swiftly to manage the situation, regain public trust, and ensure the festival’s success. The clock is ticking, and the team finds themselves in uncharted waters, navigating the storm of cultural insensitivity accusations and their first major set-back in the fierce Brazilian market.

Aims and Objectives:

1. To develop and execute a comprehensive crisis management plan that addresses the cultural misappropriation accusations, mitigates the reputational damage and reinstates the trust of the public and clients.

2. Engage with all stakeholders, including the indigenous communities, social influencers, customers, the Brazilian Cultural Heritage Institute, and festival organisers, providing reassurance through transparent, respectful, and culturally sensitive communication.

3. Review, revise, and strengthen the current policy and guidelines on cultural representation in creative work, preventing the recurrence of such incidents in future campaigns, thus ensuring the organisation’s readiness for potential crises.


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