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"Mission: Ignite - The Phoenix Explorer's Journey"

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Option 1: 

“Mission: Ignite – The Phoenix Explorer’s Journey”

– Scenario:

In the bustling city of Timișoara, Romania resides a unique educational institution known as the Phoenix Foundation, dedicated to the teaching and development of English Language among young teens. However, the Foundation has been grappling with an unprecedented challenge – a recent plunge in the motivation levels of its B1-level young teenagers towards learning and studying English consistently.

The sudden drop in enthusiasm is closely linked to the introduction of a recent experimental curriculum, ‘Operation: English Phoenix’, centred on rote-learning and rigorous testing methodologies. The curriculum, despite delivering intended results short-term, has inadvertently sapped the joy out of learning, leading to demotivated learners showing signs of academic fatigue.

In response to this alarming trend, the Foundation’s Director, Professor Adrian Ionescu, has initiated ‘Mission: Ignite’, an innovative, game-based, and interactive tabletop exercise. This initiative transforms the institution into a virtual ‘Phoenix Island’, wherein each student embodies a ‘Phoenix Explorer’ tasked to explore, problem-solve, and navigate through challenging linguistic adventures, thereby practising and learning English in an engaging and stimulating environment.

The Phoenix Explorers are set to embark on various quests and missions requiring them to utilise their English language skills. Each task’s success depends upon their ability to communicate, comprehend, and engage in English. The tabletop exercise will integrate multimedia resources, engaging narratives, real-world simulations, teamwork, and competition, fostering an atmosphere of fun, motivation, and consistent learning.

– Aims and Objectives:

1. To foster a renewed sense of enthusiasm and motivation amongst B1-level young teens towards consistent and persistent learning of English by transitioning from traditional rote-learning methods to more interactive and engaging game-based teaching practices.

2. To enhance the overall English language skills of the students via their active participation in the tabletop exercises, thereby facilitating better comprehension, communication, and application of English in real-world contexts.

3. To encourage the development of teamwork, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills in addition to language learning, thereby fostering a comprehensive and well-rounded education.


Option 2: 

“The Linguistic Quest: Defeating the Dragon of Unmotivation”

Aletheia Academy, recognised as a hub for English language learning in Romania, faces an ongoing challenge. Many of its students, particularly those in the B1 level, exhibit a waning enthusiasm towards acquiring English language skills consistently. A mysterious phenomenon known as “The Enigma of the Unmotivated” has cast a shadow over the academy, causing students to lose their interest in English learning, preferring other leisure activities instead. This apparent lack of motivation is gradually affecting attendance in English classes and is starting to reflect in the academic results.

In light of this, Aletheia Academy has decided to run a special Tabletop Exercise called “The Linguistic Quest”. The academy will transform into the mystical land of “Lexica”, where English reigns as the principal language. Students will be recast as brave adventurers, facing trials and challenges that require them to master English to progress. Their ultimate mission will be to defeat the dragon, “Ignarus” symbolising their lack of motivation and to lift the Enigma of the Unmotivated putting the academy in peril. Alongside them will be the academy’s faculty members who will shape-shift into mentors and guide the students in their journey towards their epic linguistic showdown with Ignarus.

Aims and Objectives:
1. To reignite the students’ interest in learning English by placing them in an immersive, adventure-themed learning environment.
2. To boost the level of student engagement and active participation in English language learning through a unique, innovative, and fun-filled exercise.
3. To help students overcome the “Enigma of the Unmotivated” by identifying and understanding the real-life applications of English and its importance in global communication.


Option 3: 

“The Carpathian Renaissance: Reviving English Learning Through Creative Theatre”


Set in the quaint city of Transylvania, Romania, we unravel the story of the prestigious St. Lupescu School, known for its rigorous academic training and language-culturing. Despite its academic brilliance, St. Lupescu has been facing a perplexing issue: the young teens, specifically in the B1-level English classes, have been displaying a dwindling motivation to learn and consistently study English. Frustrated by the vague grammar rules and overwhelming vocabulary, they are disheartened and disinterested. The onus is on the newly-appointed headteacher, Dr. Carpathia, to transform this situation and reignite the students’ enthusiasm in learning English.

The scenario unfurls as a surprise visit from a famous London-based band, ‘The Carpathian Nightingales’, who are touring Romania and express their interest in a collaborative project with a local school, offering a golden opportunity for St. Lupescu. The band, being English-speaking, compels Dr. Carpathia to devise a plan that not only encourages consistent English learning but also enhances it in a fun, interactive way. The students are tasked with creating an English play from scratch which the band will perform in their concert. The students need to script, direct, and stage-manage the entire play in English, thereby immersing themselves in the language in a creative and lively context.

Aims and Objectives:

1. To instil a renewed enthusiasm and interest for learning English among the B1-level teenage students at St. Lupescu School by involving them in a creative project.

2. To enhance English language comprehension, vocabulary, and conversational skills among the students through continuous engagement with the language in a fun, interactive context.

3. To build teamwork, responsibility, and self-expression among the students, thereby fostering personal and interpersonal skills alongside academic learning.


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