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This Course

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Transform your tabletop gaming hobby into a career. Our Tabletop Exercise Foundations Certificate guides you in becoming a game designer and facilitator. This program develops your skills and provides a clear roadmap for your career transition.

On certification, you’ll be recognised by The Long Game Project as a qualified facilitator and invited to join a community of experts and receive ongoing support, propelling you into the world of professional tabletop gaming.

And what will
you gain?

Transformative Skills
Structured formal training to acquire foundational game design, storytelling, and facilitation skills.
Transformative Skills
Structured formal training to acquire professional-level game design, storytelling, and facilitation skills.
Transformative Skills
Structured formal training to gain professional-level game design, storytelling, and facilitation skills.

Our Course Content - Proficiency Skill Tree

Understanding of when and how to use tabletop exercises (TTx).

In-depth knowledge of key historical milestones in Wargaming and tabletop exercising

Understanding of current trends and technology in Wargaming and tabletop exercising

In-depth understanding of a wide range of game types

Ability to select appropriate game types for simple scenarios

Understanding the importance of clear aims in game design
Ability to set basic objectives for games and exercises

Grasp the fundamentals of storytelling, including characters, setting, and plot

Understand how a basic narrative can enhance game engagement and player experience

Ability to craft coherent and compelling narratives with developed characters and settings

Skills in creating immersive game worlds and aligning them with the game’s objectives

Ability to derive strategic insights and lessons from games
Proficiency in evaluating TTx effectiveness and impact.

Understand basic game design principles

Develop complete game designs with core mechanics

Understand the core game development processes

Develop Skill in balancing and testing game elements

Gain the ability to incorporate feedback and iterate on game designs

Understand the role of a facilitator in professional game settings

Gain facilitation skills for guiding discussions and activities

Enhance skills in facilitating diverse groups and managing dynamics

Build on emotional intelligence skills, crucial for understanding and managing group dynamics

Understand the key components in tabletop exercise implementation

Enhance the ability to adapt exercises to different groups and objectives

Learn to identify decision-making patterns.

Gain Deeper insight into cognitive biases and decision-making under uncertainty.

Understand of the role and responsibilities of a professional GM

Develop self-awareness, particularly in understanding one’s unique style and approach as a GM

Enhance professional skills, including communication and client management

Expand skills in personal branding and self-promotion within the gaming community


Do you wish you could roll more dice?
Design sessions and run games for a job?
Contribute creative energy to a growing community of practice?

If your friends praise your game nights, you may have thought, ‘Could I turn this passion into my profession?’

You’re not alone in this exciting yet daunting dream. We were once there.

We understand how thrilling it is to play an amazing game and how it hones our skills at the table. We also understand the anxiety of stepping into a less conventional career path. Transitioning from a hobbyist to a professional game designer involves facing uncertainties such as financial risks and the challenge of breaking into tight-knit professional networks. We crafted our course to ease this transition.

We provide step-by-step tips on how to transition professionally in tabletop exercising. It’s not just about learning; it’s about developing your passion into a viable career. With structured modules focused on game design, storytelling, and facilitation, you’ll gain the skills needed to get on your feet. We also recognise the importance of community. On completion, our program connects you with a network of professionals and lists you on our directory, opening doors to opportunities and collaborations in the tabletop exercising industry.

If you want to fill skill gaps in your current services or if you are seeking a roadmap to navigate this career change, our course addresses these specific challenges.

  • Embark on a journey to professionalize your tabletop gaming passion. Begin by mastering Advanced Storytelling in Game Design, where you’ll learn to craft immersive situations and bring narratives to life.
  • Advance core skills. Enhance your ability to develop, balance, and refine different game types. This will ensure each game you design is engaging and distinguishes itself in terms of creativity and execution, helping you learn to effectively utilize them within their specific contexts and limitations. You’ll also learn how to set strategic and nuanced objectives, perfectly aligning your game designs with broader goals and extracting strategic insights from games.
  • Hone your expertise in managing the table These essential skills will be fine-tuned as you delve deeper into the intricacies of tabletop gaming at a professional level.
  • You’ll elevate your skills from zero to one learning to offer high-quality Game Master services, and learning about industry practices and tips about starting and creating a personal brand. This advanced understanding will significantly raise your professional profile in the world of tabletop gaming.
  • Engaging, bite-sized lessons make learning a breeze. Stay motivated with interactive sessions and practical exercises that fit easily into your busy schedule, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable learning journey.

Feel intimidated by complex gaming concepts? Don’t worry. Our course simplifies complex ideas into digestible content, with expert instructors ready to guide you every step of the way. You’ll gain confidence and skills before you even realise it.
Venture on this journey with us and emerge as a skilled, confident, and innovative game master, ready to make your mark in the world of professional tabletop gaming.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Move from zero to one into a Professional Role: Equipped with credentials and enhanced skills, you’ll be primed to design and facilitate engaging, impactful games.
  • Fulfil Prerequisite for Advanced Training: Set the stage for your journey towards becoming an official Game Master with eligibility for our advanced course.
  • Access to the Professional Network Directory: Gain entry into an exclusive network of industry professionals, marking your emergence as a skilled game designer.

What content is covered?​

Dr Dan Epstein

Director Of The Long Game Project

I am currently the director of The Long Game Project. In 2023, we designed over 130 scenarios for organisations with a combined marketcap of $3.4 Billion and our services achieved a Net Promotor Score of 74.9

This is an incredible impact to be proud of, but there is more impact to be achieved out there that requires tabletop gaming to scale. We need more passionate professional Game Masters with the right skills to provide the service and grow the culture.

Organisations and governments recognise the impact of tabletop gaming across organisational decision making, leadership, risk,  operations, strategy and team building. Tomorrow’s leaders grew up taking games seriously, and it is important for professional Game Masters to get the culture right.

We need to scale up the practice and help grow the next generation of Game Masters.

We created the course I wish existed when I transitioned to Game Mastering out of Academia. I transitioned the long way.

With over 7 years at the intersection of practice, design, and research, I hope we have packed this course with the practical skills required for people to feel more confident starting than I did.

This includes teaching not only the core competencies of game design and development, but the practical aspects of marketing and growing your brand as a professional GM and providing access to checklists, guides, blueprints and professional networks that usually take many hours of practice to develop. It should be a great kick start for aspiring GMs.

My approach and methods are informed by my diverse and interdisciplinary background and skills.

Pragmatic Practitioner: As a practising medical doctor, I bring an understanding of real-world, high-stakes decision-making practice. This experience is invaluable in design that mimics the pressures and uncertainties of actual decision-making environments.

Academic Expertise: Holding a PhD from Monash University School of Public Health, in collaboration with The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, I enjoy diving into the evidence of behaviour and decision-making. My research affiliations with Monash University’s Business Faculty Center of Health Economics further enrich my understanding of organisational and individual decision-making. I have published several pieces on game design and tabletop exercises.

Creative Flair: As a game designer and lifelong tabletop gamer, I have a creative mindset that allows me to design engaging and fun scenarios and games that challenge and reward players.

Teaching background: I have years of experience as a lecturer and teacher at the medical school and love learning for learnings sake.

I really hope you enjoy this course and it can give back to you a rewarding career in one of the best hobbies jobs you can have.


Check our FAQ

Are there still questions about our course and what we will offer? Check out our FAQ below and stay informed about everything we offer you during and upon completion of the course.

Answer: This course is designed to equip you with all the core skills and knowledge needed to become a skilled game master for serious tabletop games such as wargames and strategic business games. This course will cover a range of topics to help you excel in game mastering.

Answer: The duration of the course will vary depending on your pace of learning. However, it is designed to be flexible, allowing you to progress at a rate that suits you while balancing other commitments.

Answer: Yes, our course includes access to a dedicated community where you can connect with fellow learners, share experiences, ask questions, and support each other’s journey to becoming game masters.

Upon completing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion for the Foundations course, which recognises your ability in the foundational skills necessary to effectively run games to an acceptable level of practice.

Answer: Yes, we are confident in the value of our course and offer a satisfaction guarantee. Please refer to our terms and conditions for details about the refund policy.

Answer: The course is ideal for anyone interested in becoming a game master of serious tabletop exercises, whether you are completely new to game mastering or are an experienced player looking to formalize and improve your skills.

Answer: No prior experience is necessary! The course is structured to guide beginners from the ground up, while also providing valuable insights and advanced techniques for seasoned players.

Answer: To provide you with a comprehensive learning experience, there will be quizzes and practical assignments to test your knowledge and application of the skills taught in the course.

Answer: Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll have access to all the course materials, including video lessons, reading materials, and interactive resources, which can be accessed on various devices.

Upon completion of the Foundation course, you will meet the prerequisite for the Advanced Professional level course and on your way to fully qualifying along the Game Master track!

Tabletop Exercising Certification

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